Travel with us in the Mongolian Gobi desert

to observe mongolian wild khulans and other Gobi wildlife

Our non-profit organization works with some local agencies in Mongolie to organize different types of wildlife observation, citizen science and conservation expeditions within our conservation program in our study area in the eastern part of the Gobi Desert.

We currently offer 2 options:


1. One expedition of 15 days - luxury lodging in tentipi tents and mobile yourte camps

2. One expedition of 10 days - nights in tents mostly. 

  • During each expedition you will be able to observe a variety of wildlife (some are today threatened of extinction), such as: black-tailed gazelle, Mongolian gazelle, Mongolian wild hemione/khulan, wild Argali sheep, Ibex/wild goat, Corsac fox, Cinereous vulture, Steppe eagle and many others ... and will also discover unique and amanzing landscapes of a region which is not well known by tourists.


  • You will also directly support conservation of the Mongolian wild hemione/khulan by taking part of scientific observation and collect of information with our research director that will be used in our research project.


  • Also, for each expedition sold, benefits will directly go to our conservation program and will help sustain our conservation activities, and each expedition will also support a group of families that are involved in our conservation program. 

Tailor-made wildlife observation tours and individual projects

We can organize a tour based on wildlife observation in the Gobi Desert or a stay in one of the family that work with us at the period of the year and dates that you wish.

Also, if you have a specific project of documentary or photography project and wish to travel in our study area, we can also assist you in organizing your stay and project. 

For more information about our tours

If you want to get more information about our tours, want to have a tailor-made wildlife observation tour or have a documentary project for which you need assistance, please fill the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!  

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