Protecting the Mongolian khulan/wild ass and its habitat

in partnership with the local community

and the protected areas of the Gobi region

for a better harmony between nature, humans and wildlife 

Founded in 2007, Association GOVIIN KHULAN has been working for 10 years in the south and eastern part of the Gobi Desert (Mongolia) to enhance protection of the threatened Mongolian khulan (Mongolian wild ass/donkey) and its habitat, through a multidisciplinary approach that empowers and involves the local community and local professionals for a long term success.

The Mongolian khulan




The Mongolian khulan (also known as Mongolian wild ass) is a wild equid and is one of the 5 recognized sub-species of the Asiatic wild ass. It represents the largest population of the Asiatic wild ass in the world and occurs only in the Gobi Desert with some small populations in north of China (Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia). The Mongolian khulan is now listed in the IUCN Red List as "Near Threatened" (but was listed as "Endangered" until 2015), in Appendix I of the CITES and in Appendix II of the CMS.

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hémione de Mongolie creusant un trou pour s'abreuver au niveau du lit d'une rivière asséchée, dans le désert de Gobi, Mongolie / Монгол Хулан

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