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By donating, only one time or monthly, you will support our work to enhance protection of the largest population of the Asiatic Onager/wild ass in the world, which is located on the Gobi Desert (Mongolia), and the fragile ecosystem of the Gobi Desert where the Mongolian khulan and other wild and endangered species live. 


-80 % of the donations will be used for our actions conducted in the field (research, community-based conservation, citizen science, environmental education ...)


-20%  of the donations will be used to support the functionning of our organization. 


By supporting our actions you will directly support biodiversity conservation


Don't forget that even small amounts can make a great difference! 


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You can also chose to support one specific project from the list below

In addition, or independently to a donation, you can also support one specific project from the list below.

1. Research about water points use by khulans and other animals

Name of the project: "Research"


In cooperation with some members of the local Community of our study area as well as the staff of the protected areas of the South Gobi region, our team is conducting research - using camera traps - to determine: 

-if there is or not a competition between the different species (domestic and wild) with the khulans to access to water sources that are rare and scarce in the Gobi, 

-the time periods (day and night) when khulans preferentially visit water sources and if any external factors have an influence on these preferences, 

-the average duration of khulan's watering according to the age, sex of the individuals and other factors, 


Example of costs related to this project: 

-1 camera trap costs about 450 euros 

-1 month salary for our local assistants to set up camera traps: 65 euros (for 1 person for about 6 days of work per month to settle the camera traps)

-1 month of gasoline to travel and set up the camera traps: 65 euros (for 1 motorbike in summer/spring)/140 euros (for 1 russian car in fall/winter) 

-1 trip to the Gobi for our research team to collect memory cards and conduct field observations: 700 euros


2. Hay and water for wildlife during severe droughts or harsh winter

Name of the project: "Drought"


Thanks to your support, we and our local partners, will be able to provide wildlife with hay and water during severe droughts that usually kill many animals. You can support this project by following the link bellow: