our team

Our founders and members of the board

Anne-Camille SOURIS - Chairwoman, co-founder and research director

Her background

Marie-Aline PONS - Co-founder and treasurer

Active members

Coralie Menet. During her professional and volunteer activities she had the opportunity to participare in the conservation of one of the symbolic species of Mongolian steppes, the Przewalski's horse or "takh" in Mongolian. Then, she discovered the association GOVIIN KHLAN and decided to join our organization and get involved in protection of the endangered Mongolian wild ass and its habitat. 


Undrakh T.  is a young Mongolian freelance artist from Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). She studied fine art at the Fine Art Institute of Ulaanbaatar from 2003 to 2006 under the supervision of Mr BATMUNKH Darmaa and graduated as portrait painter. Beginning of 2011, Undrakh benevolently created our new logo, and then, joined our organization at the same time.



Rangers and Citizen scientists involved in the project

I. Rangers working in protected areas and for sum's governements

II. Volunteer rangers of GOVIIN KHULAN


Mr. TOGTOKHBAYAR E., Director of Цав хөгжил ХХК / Tsav högjil Co. located in the Tsagaantsav area, Mandakh sum/disctrict, Dornogovi aimag/province. 


He is officially ranger volunteer for the Association GOVIIN KHULAN since the summer 2012. 



III. Citizen scientists of GOVIIN KHULAN

- Mr. Gansukh E., Mrs. Otgon and their son Choijamts G. They live in the Buddhist monastery Ulgii hiid. Choijamts is a young monk of this monastery and is involved, with his parents in our conservation program since 2008. 

. Mr. NERGUI Yo. and his wife Mme BATTSEREN Ch.. Both are herders in the Khatanbulag sum/district and they are involved in the project since the summer 2008. 


They are all Citizen Conservationists for the Association GOVIIN KHULAN


Experts associate