Our mission

The Association GOVIIN KHULAN* is a French non-profit organization co-founded in November 2007 by Anne-Camille Souris, ethologist, studying Mongolian wild Equids behavioral ecology and behavior since 2003, member of the SSC/IUCN Equid Specialist Group, Chairwoman, project and research Director of the Association GOVIIN KHULAN. First and actually the only NGO in Mongolia principally dedicated to the endangered Mongolian Khulan / Mongolian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus hemionus) protection.


Our main activities are: 

  • research
  • involvement of local communities in conservation actions and wildlife monitoring,
  • to provide technical and professional support to rangers working inside and outside of protected areas, 
  • to educate and raise local awareness about protection of the Mongolian khulan and the Gobi ecosystem, 
  • to cooperate with local and international conservation organization and stakeholders working in the Gobi Desert. 


*"Goviin Khulan" means in mongolian: the Mongolian Wild Ass of the Gobi, Khulan is the mongolian name for Mongolian wild ass.

Our multidisciplinary approach

Говийн хулан, Монгол Хулан, Монгол хулан хамгалаалт, hémione de Mongolie, Mongolian Khulan, wild ass
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Our organization is member and recipient of the 1% for the Planet

Our organization is a partner and recipient of the 1% for the Planet which is a growing global movement of about 1,500 companies that donate 1% of their sales to a network of about 3,000 environmental organizations worldwide.

Our study area

Our study area is located in the south and southeast Gobi, especially the southeast of the Ömnögobi province (aimag) and the south of the Dornogobi aimag (*aimag = province).

In the Gobi region, water is a critical resource for livestock, humans and wildlife, but is very rare and very scarce. The availability of water, mostly in the form of springs, lakes, seeks, is highly variable and depends on local rainfall patterns.



1. Little Gobi A and B strictly protected areas / located in the Umnugobi aimag and in the Dornogobi aimag.


2. Ergelyn Zoo Natural Reserve


3. Suïkhent "natural monument"


Our logo


This logo has been benevolently created for our association in February 2011 by Miss UNDRAKH Turmunkh (E-mail: uugiisaggers@hotmail.com). We heartily thank her for her great work and her generous contribution!


This logo has been created by including some symbols of the Mongolian culture following our wishes:


-The name of the association has been written in cyrillic, in old Mongolian writing as well as in latin.


-The Mongolian wild ass is represented in pair, an adult with its young, because in the Mongolian custom two individuals would symbolize an increasing population while one single individual would symbolize a decreasing population. Which is appropriate with our vocation: act to enhance the Mongolian wild ass protection.


-In back-ground, a sun with an orange color that can expresses a bright future for the Mongolian wild ass, and also symbolize the Gobi desert.


-Two birds that symbolize wild animals and then reinforce the wild status of the Mongolian wild ass / Khulan.