Anne-Camille SOURIS - Chair, co-founder and research director

Anne-Camille à droite, et Gansukh (conservationniste citoyen, à gauche)
Anne-Camille à droite, et Gansukh (conservationniste citoyen, à gauche)


Wildlife biologist, specialized on the Mongolian Khulan behavioral ecology and ethology. 


-Master II/Master research on Natural Sciences "Ethology applied to wildlife conservation" / Université Pierre et Marie CURIE - Paris & MNHN

-Member of the SSC/IUCN Equid Specialist Group since 2007

-Expert on the Mongolian khulan at the Large Herbivore Foundation

-Expert on the Mongolian khulan at the Wild Equus Network 

-Authenticated the page about the Asiatic wild ass for ARKive




She is the chair, co-Founder, and research Director of the Association GOVIIN KHULAN. She is in charge of research on the Mongolian Khulan behavioral ecology and other topics, and she is in charge of the project for the Mongolian wild ass conservation. In Mongolia, she also conducts, assisted by one Mongolian student or assistant, various activities of the project (educational activities, information and involvement of rangers and the local population, training of rangers...). 

During a conference Anne-Camille Souris organized at the Alliance Française of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on May 25, 2013, she received - from Mr. Damdinsuren S. Director of the Mongolian Foundation for Protection of Animal Rights - an award for her involvement in Mongolian Khulan/Wild Ass conservation: "Амьтанд ээлтэй хүн"/"person who is involved in protection of animals/who loves animals". Anne-Camille is the first foreigner to have received this award in Mongolia. 


An award that Anne-Camille also dedicates to our local partners, rangers and families who are locally involved in our project since 2008, to local communities for their support, to our worldwide partners and financial partners thanks to whom we have been able to develop our program to protect the endangered Mongolian Khulan and that is now recognized in Mongolia and worldwide